Fabric duct

For decades since the HVAC industry has started, engineers, consultants and contractors have been using what is so called “GI” steel ducting or Galvanized Iron / Insulated ducting. It was a requirement when the demand for a duct that would last a life time and relatively easy to fabricate was first present…the solutions were limited and for the time it was a great success story. Every building, every office, every mall, every retail store or warehouse…etc; was designed to have these massive steel structures as a part of it. Yes, it was a relatively large cost, but it was the only available solution.



Just like we have witnessed over the years how technological breakthrough over the last 50 years has changed many of our industries. How now no one relies on the landline anymore, instead everyone has their own hand held phones. How we minimized relying on computers for text communication and moved on to smart phones. And how we moved from constructing buildings using steel beams and bricks, into 3D printing.



Humans evolve, technology evolves. And now the HVAC industry has evolved as well. From the conventional GI ducting to fabric ducts.



This relatively new 30 year old solution allows you to save time, money and energy. We here at MATCON Corp have begun back in the 80’s to make the leave our foot print in this industry in the Saudi Arabian market. We started introducing the Saudi market with Fabric ducting solutions in 2004. Our initiation was in FMCG due to the requirement of a duct that is easily installed, easily maintained and anti-microbial. We moved into a new era, where we could satisfy any need of HVAC ducting in any industry. It was a long way, but we are past experimentation and testing and into professionalism and evolution.



Many if not most of the world’s top entities and organizations are using this reliable solution in airports, warehouses, retail stores, offices, laboratories, arenas, theaters, universities and more. Thousands and thousands of projects every year.



It is an HVAC ducting that is fabricated in custom design out of fabric material to suit your application.



The fabric base is polyester fabric with a lot of know-how and R&D to give special characteristics according to your demand.



Some of our fabrics are ultra-strong and could have a life span of up to 40 years.





The key benefit is that it is less weight, this gives it an extreme advantage in shipping, installation and safety regulation.




The fabric life spans vary according to the fabric type but in all cases we trust in our fabric so much so as to provide a warranty starting with a minimum of 5 years and up to 20 years.




Unlike a conventional ducting system where you have to install flexible shafts, grills, sound attenuators, branching and such. You would only need one duct that functions as both a duct and an air vent or grill. The duct could disperse the air in the room according to our best chosen design conditions to provide a uniform and equal air distribution in the area which in terms increases the efficiency of the entire system while reducing losses.




According to the studies found on previous projects, the time fabric ducting takes to be installed is less than quarter the time required to install conventional spiral or galvanized steel ducts. That is because of the extremely light weight and pre-design and fabrication. We have had schedules changed from a one month plan to a 4 day plan.




In MATCON Corp we take responsibility of our client’s projects and we make sure that the fabric we provide is up to safety standards that is why our fabric is UL certified and Oeko-tex certified.




Fabric is guaranteed to reduced your project cost. In all cases when we compare fabric we always like to compare the entire system so we include in our comparisons the following:


A) Shipping Time and Cost


Fabric ducts will definitely cost less due to the extremely light weight. As in comparison if a steel duct project’s overall weight is 10 tons, our fabric ducts will weigh almost 70 kg. That is why our ducts are usually shipped also on air freight internationally.


B) Manufacture Time


The time taken to manufacture the duct is around 3 to 10 days depending on the project size. However, we always like to keep our clients surprised by early arrivals. No need for on-site manufacturing anymore.


C) Installation Time


Of course when the ducting system takes a long time in installation it affects other factors in the project and increases delay risks. Not to mention that in this case time is money and the more time spent on installation the more it costs our clients. That is why our fabric is exceptional at installation times that is 25% of the normal plan.


D) No Insulation Required


Unlike metal, fabric is not a heat conductive material. The reason we feel a steel plate is cold at touch is because steel is considered as a heat conductive material which means it is necessary to insulate it to prevent heat losses. Now, we do the same and touch a piece of fabric material at the same temperature of steel and we will find that it does not feel cold and that is exactly why fabric in its nature is a heat insulator and that is why the insulation material used on steel ducts is also made out of a fabric like material. In other words, since there is no needed insulation or insulation installation, the cost of the ducts is reduced significantly.


E) Overall Cost and Risk Reductions


With fabric ducting your are buying years of R&D and also reducing your risks. Because it is in fabric ducts that you will find simplicity yet high functionality. Steel ducts on the other hand have many components and many parts that need to be put together this causes your risk to increase and causes the project failure to have more variables that could affect the system’s performance. In fabric ducts the simplicity provided makes it easy to say that you are safe.



If you want to find out more about fabric ducts, please get in touch with us and our representatives will tend to your questions straight away.