Since 2004 we here in MATCON have been introducing the Fabric Duct or Textile Duct technologies in KSA until it has become the company’s trademark to supply and install fabric ducting technologies all over KSA.


We have completed blu-chip projects with the most renowned companies world wide here in KSA. And we were able to embed the fabric ducting technology and provide solutions that open new opportunities to the most critical situations.


Fabric ducts are in many ways the modern and optimized version of the conventional HVAC ducting. It provide many features and options that were once too expensive to implement. Nowadays it is only a matter of days and your project could be executed to perfection.


Our latest fabric duct technology includes light weight material that is more than 100 times lighter than metal. The material could withstand years of heavy use and could have a lifetime of up to 40 years and requires no insulation. The fabric ducting technology acts as both a duct and a diffuser so it takes your project to whole new design mindset.


If you would like to know further please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at any given time and we will provide all the necessary information to fulfill your needs.